27 thoughts on “What do you think of Order in Council 1087?

  1. I have filed a complaint against Kathleen Wynn and the Ontario Government with the Canadian Competition Bureau for the content within this petition. The complaint was filed the morning of October 10th, 2017 at 7:53 a.m.

    1. I received the below response from the Canadian Competition Bureau:

      Our File: R680314

      Randy Horton
      SWM Budokan
      Glencoe, Ontario

      Dear Mr. Horton:

      Thank you for the information you provided to the Competition Bureau regarding the Government of Ontario.

      The role of the Competition Bureau (“Bureau”), as an independent law enforcement agency, is to ensure that Canadian businesses and consumers prosper in a competitive and innovative marketplace. In carrying out our mandate, information brought to our attention by consumers, businesses and other market participants is very important as it contributes to the identification and analysis of potentially anti-competitive practices in the marketplace.

      The Bureau will treat the information you have provided in accordance with the confidentiality provisions of the Competition Act (“Act”), and the Bureau’s Information Bulletin on the Communication of Confidential Information Under the Competition Act.

      The Bureau takes all allegations of anti-competitive conduct and deceptive marketing practices seriously. The information you have provided will be recorded and entered into our database and it may be used to develop or support future enforcement activities under the laws we enforce. As a law enforcement agency, the Bureau is required to conduct its investigations in private. A Bureau representative may contact you if further information is needed.

      Thank you again for taking the time to bring this matter to our attention.

      Centre des renseignements
      Bureau de la concurrence / Gouvernement du Canada
      1-800-348-5358 / Télécopieur : 819-997-0324 / ATS : 1-866-694-8389

      Information Centre
      Competition Bureau / Government of Canada
      1-800-348-5358 / Facsimile: 819-997-0324 / TTY: 1-866-694-8389

      1. Hi Randy, The flyers look great. I am glad your working on the typo on the Kung Fu one. There is also a typo on the second page of all the flyers. There is an i missing from the beginning of international in the description of PSO.
        Thanks so much for taking the lead on this issue and bringing it to our attention. I am spreading the word as fast as I can.

  2. Kudos to Sensei Randy Horton for initiating this action!
    The future of the sport we love is in jeopardy…we need a united voice. 1087 has to be repealed!

    I am not political, but I fear that any single authority established by a government has at its core the intent to “control” those it would regulate. This is not a diatribe for or against any political affiliation… it’s about the “freedoms” we THOUGHT we had!

    If our sport is targeted and we remain indifferent, who or what activity is next? Do we really need inspectors to report our every move… every class training… every event? NO!! Tell Queen’s Park…

    I used to naively believe our elected representatives in government would “do the right thing”… allow its citizens, regardless of their political stripe, to express the hard-earned “freedom of choice.” Many have fought and given their lives to protect the freedoms that we enjoy in our way of life and enshrine them for future generations.

    Now the provincial government unilaterally wants to establish a single authority that not only limits our choices but restricts our ability to conduct any event outside the auspices of this proposed regulatory body… UNDER PENALTY OF IMPRISONMENT!

    I applaud the efforts of this undertaking to raise our awareness and petition against “1087.” However, I do believe a more vocal presentation… a demonstration or rally at Queen’s Park, by ALL concerned members of associations and independent martial arts clubs, is necessary. It will bring the focus of the media and by extension, the eyes of the Ontario Government to bear upon this issue and the displeasure of this faction of the electorate.

    1. I agree Chris, We need to work on some media attention for the cause. A rally may be a great way to bring that attention to the issue. A media kit/press release might be a good start to getting some media attention. We could release the media kit to as many new organizations as possible.

    2. I have been talking with some folks from the Ontario Boxing Association and they are also interested in a rally or march. If we can get the signatures up to 500 on the petition, connect with an MP, and organize a rally, we may be able to tie into some media coverage – television and radio.

      1. Alright. I just signed it. I’m not letting this bill/law putting my club/organization under a microscope. Martial arts is more than just competition — it’s a bond many of us share, compare, and show historic lineage and culture.

        1. Thank you for your support Erick. I sincerely hope we can change the legislation and will be doing everything I can to do so.

  3. Since when does sport karate dictate to traditional Karateka how to conduct training. Karate was banned initially, seems like we have gone full circle.

    1. Yes it does seem similar to the moratorium the U.S. put on martial arts in Japan post World War 2. Where the U.S. governed what could be practiced and what couldn’t – mind you Karate at the time wasn’t banned.

  4. Hi there, we are a small club and non contact but traditional karate. I’m just reading into this within the last month. I really do not want government sticking their noses into this and I’m trying to wrap my head around “WHY”. Excuse my ignorance but I think it’s another cash grab. I have signed the petition and have gone to various websites about this. Such control.

    1. Hi Lisa. Yes, there is definitely a financial aspect to the Provincial Sport Organization approach. I think the premise (whether legitimate or not) is based on The Public’s safe participation in sports. I agree with you it has gone way, way too far. Thank you for signing the petition.

  5. Martial arts …have NEVER been about monetary gain …I find it insulting and reprehensible that a governing body ….our government…has some how bypassed the martial arts community in implementing this “law” …by hiding behind the notion of protecting the general public from possible harm ….using it as a legitimate”reason” in order to justify the the exorbitant finicial burden it will place on the government to monitor such organizations! Hence there monetary requests to provide a program that some how pretects the general public from clubs and organizations who already hold the safety of there students/members in the utmost regard !! We are not for profit, talk about trying to get blood from a stone!! This is appalling. Let’s hope they listen, because this government decision does not represent me or my martial arts friends and peera

    1. Thank you Michael for your comments and sharing your position. I agree with you. I would describe it however as an imbalance of political influence. I think at some levels there have always been political influences on martial arts practice. Look at the Meiji Restoration in 1868 for example, or the politically and war driven moratorium of martial arts in Japan during the WW2 U.S. occupation. These two are clear examples of an imbalance.

      I think we are experiencing another imbalance based on political-economical injustice and potential corruption in the governance of martial arts practice.

  6. We as martial artists do not only teach sparring, self defence, or kata what about the life lessons we give out students. Respect for others, respect for yourself, how to look and adult in the eye , how to stand up in front of people without falling apart. Also we teach them about the history of the martial arts. We don’t just fight.

    1. You got it Rosemary! Fight 1087 is all about ensuring we keep the ability to support life learning amongst all cultures and economic conditions!

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