O.I.C.1087 Threatens the Trent Valley Invitational Tournament

The following letter has been drafted to the Prince Edward County MPP, Todd Smith

Order in Council 1087 (Regulating the Competition in Combative Arts in Ontario)

Due to Provincial Governments’ Order in Council 1087 the Trent Valley Invitational Tournament will be the last tournament that our organization will be legally allowed to run.

In an ill informed and un-debated decision the Provincial Government has signed an executive order which enacted Order in Council 1087 to regulate amateur combative sporting events. This order was drafted in secret without consultation with the industry or debate in parliament. At this time Order in Council 1087 will make our local tournaments illegal and a chargeable offense (under the criminal code) for organizers.

The introduction of general PSO (Provincial Sporting Organizations) for martial arts styles will give a monopoly to a small group of organizations for the regulating and sanctioning of amateur combative competition in their selected martial arts. Clubs hosting a tournament will have to obtain authorization from their martial arts PSO or multiple PSO’s, in the case of multi style competitions. Under these new sanctioning organizations, If a club wants to host or participate in a tournament every student and club will have to submit significant annual fees to the appropriate PSO.

There has been no PSO assigned to the Jiu Jitsu and Grappling arts at present. Competitions in these styles will be illegal in Ontario as of Jan 1 2017. Our Tournaments are a combination of Jiu Jitsu Grappling and Karate Sparring and can no longer be run in Ontario.

Once again children will be the victims of greed and will loose out on the great experience that a local regional tournament offers. Our small regional tournaments have been running injury free and well insured for more than 40 years and will now be considered illegal combative events.

There is an online petition and a lot more information on how to oppose Order in Council 1087 at this website.

Fight Order in Council 1087/2017

Please take the time to go to the website and sign the petition.

We are encouraging people to call or write their local MPP to let them know you would like to continue to have small and affordable local tournaments in the martial arts.

Prince Edward – Hastings MPP Todd Smith
Belleville Office
P.O. BOX 575
Belleville, Ontario K8N 5B2
Bancroft Office, 613-332-5850

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