Fight 1087 Update 10/31/2017

This update includes the following:

  • Overview
  • Summary of Meetings and Discussions
  • Follow up actions
  • What you can do


  • There was a brief meeting, with very productive discussions on Friday, October 27th between the fight1087 leaders that were in attendance of Sensei Monty Guest’s celebration of Kai Shin Karate’s 50th anniversary.  There were some very passionate table discussions and some productive conflict that lead to some very positive outcomes.  The discussions included some of Ontario’s leader’s in Martial Arts that manage multiple, geographically distributed clubs and Martial Arts practitioners with decades of experience and vested interest in achieving the best possible outcomes related to Order In Council 1087.

Summary of Meetings and Discussions

There seems to be two main areas of concern and focus for people in our community.

  1. Some people are more concerned with how to work with PSO’s to mitigate the impact and influence the PSO may have on their particular martial art or combat sport.  From both a business and cultural practice the focus here is to work within the regulations, partner with PSO’s and establish policies that allow for autonomy for the non-affiliated organization.
    • An example of this would be a Karate organization with multiple locations working with the Ontario Karate Federation to ensure that Amateur Karate is not governed by the same rules, constraints and processes as Elite Karate, or Karate that is considered a path to the Olympics.  The objective in this case would be to minimize the influence and sanctioning requirements for the Karate organization that promotes recreational, amateur competitions.


  2. Others are concerned with the legislation that empowers the PSO to apply rules and regulations to martial arts or combat sports practice, and the constitutional legitimacy of the legislation.
    • The legislation as written may violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms with respect to Freedom of Expression and Freedom of The Press (thank you to Doug Horton for this insight), and cultural diversity
    • The legislation is too far reaching and goes beyond protecting The Public interests in safety.  Martial Arts that do not have sanctioning bodies for example are not permitted to hold events.  The legislation can be interpreted to restrict non-contact practices.
    • There are restrictions on business practices due to the impact the legislation has on the ability for Karate organizations to organize and facilitate their own competitions.

The discussions were primarily focused on Karate within Ontario (many of the attendees of Sensei Guest’s event were Karate practicioners).  However there were discussions on the impact on other combat sports.


Follow Up Actions

  • Promote the online petition more.  As of 10/31/2017 there are 448 signatures.  More signatures will support lobby activities whether the focus is on the first or second area of concern detailed above.
    • Attend the World Kobudo Federation on the weekend of 11/3/2017 and meet with WKF leaders to gain their insight and support
  • Continue researching options
  • Establish a meeting date, attendee list and an agenda with Fight1087 leadership to formalize a go forward strategy.  Proposal is targeting mid-to-late November

What You Can Do

  • Continue talking about the issues and encourage family, dojo members and friends to sign the online petition
  • Remember to OPT-IN with your email address and telephone number if you haven’t submitted them already
  • Keep up-to-date by reading and sharing the email updates

Thank you for your support


Sensei Randy Horton

1 thought on “Fight 1087 Update 10/31/2017

  1. I am a member of a martial arts organization which opposes the sanctioning of our tournament. I support any efforts to alter the current sanctioning policies put forth by the pso assigned body in this province relating to the practice and competitive aspects of the martial art of karate. It is my belief that the individual styles of karate and their individual differences will suffer under this government policy.

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