Fight1087 Update 11/15/2017

Petition Update

There are now 519 petition signatures, 319 of which have confirmed their signatures through email.  If you haven’t confirmed your signature, please check your junk email folder for the link to confirm your signature.  It only takes a minute, just click the link and that’s it.

Take Action and Write Your MPP!!!

We have begun to get traction from our MPPs.  Sensei Greg Magwood has been able to meet with his MPP, the Honorable Todd Smith from Prince Edward County.  Mr Smith took the issues to council and followed up with a written letter to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sport to request a meeting to address the concerns in a timely fashion.

We have uploaded sample documents based on Sensei Greg’s letters, that you can use to write your local MPP (the links are located above).   They will also be posted to the Fight1087 Website.

You can find all of the Members of Parliament for Ontario, and their contact information here:

I would like to emphasize, this is likely the best approach to move forward at this time.  It is something that you can do that can lead to real, tangible results.  In Sensei Greg Magwood’s case – Todd Smith took action and

Next Steps

A number of Fight1087 leaders met on Friday, 10/27/2017.  We discussed a number of issues that were summarized in a post on the Website.  The post can be found here.

We are holding another meeting over the next few weeks to formalize an action plan, in addition to the letter writing campaign.  We will keep you posted of the outcomes of that meeting.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, comments, concerns or other feedback; please feel free to email me directly at

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