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I support the petition against Order In Council 1087/2017. I believe it violates the Canadian Competition Act and has a significant negative impact on communities in Ontario with respect to charitable events, creation of culture, family support and development; and the rights of civilians to organize, participate and attend combative martial art events.

Fight 1087


To whom it may concern

The Ontario Liberal Government's Order in Council 1087/2017 (also known as '1087') requires a single Provincial Sports Organization (PSO) as a sanctioning body for any particular amateur martial art or sport.  If a martial arts club (of any kind) or boxing club is not a member of the PSO, any demonstration, gathering where sparring, or in some cases kata, or even training takes place, is deemed illegal and the organizers can be prosecuted under the provincial criminal code.

The Impact

The Ontario government's approach to create PSO's has resulted in an unfair and detrimental impact to the public. Many community based events, cultural movements, charitable efforts and family support systems are negatively affected by the constraints of this legislation. The best interests of The Public are not represented through the Ontario Governments approach to PSOs.  The Order in Council 1087 goes beyond trying to protect the public, it imposes unrealistic constraints on the development of culture. It limits the way of life of many martial artists and negatively affects families and children; and decreases the access to martial arts and combat sports that many communities across Ontario rely on for social and cultural development.

Specifically, "1087" impacts the Public negatively by:

- Assigning PSOs that apply unaffordable fees for sanctioning, governing, monitoring and controlling martial arts activities for small communities that do not have the economy to support the PSO

- Eliminating the development of culture and way of life of citizens who do not fall into the definitions of 'sanctioned activities'.

- The Ontario Government has not done its due dilligence to understand the needs of it's Public and recommend appropriate legislation

- There are no PSOs that can qualify for many genres of Martial Arts. The legislation makes the cultural (and in some cases religious) practice of these martial arts illegal

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